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Making a "Greener" World
The following links direct you to energy saving web sites from cars to the home and into the workplace. Making this world a greener place starts with you! Join One Solution and take the first steps into energy conservation.
Making a "Greener" World
Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency
Energy Star A tax credit can provide significant savings. It reduces the amount of income tax you have to pay. Unlike a deduction, which reduces the amount of income subject to tax, a tax credit directly reduces the tax itself. You must refer to the final Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules to...
Saving Energy: 101 Ways to Save
PowerHouse It may not seem like using a compact fluorescent light bulb or fixing a leaky faucet will do much to reduce your energy costs - or protect the environment.

But if every household practiced just a few simple conservation ideas...
Obama Announces New Energy Standards for Lighting
Obama Announces New Energy Standards for Lighting WASHINGTON -- Aiming to keep the focus on climate change legislation, President Barack Obama put a plug in for administration efforts to make lamps and lighting equipment use...