One Solution Light + Control
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Company Profile
We started this company after more than fifteen years of learning, researching and implementing LED systems within the architectural lighting marketplace. We have learned a lot over these last fifteen years and we have found one missing common denominator - One Solution. We are here to help you, the specification community, to design, fabricate, install, program, service and simply take care of your LED needs. We are a LED solutions company.
What we're all about
We're all about giving you, the specifcation community, back your freedom to choose any DMX or Video LED fixture in the market. Unrestricting your lighting designs and making the entire process as simple as possible. While we allow the freedom of choice of any LED fixture, you can also rest assure that controlling these systems will remain as easy as 1-2-3! Our control is capable of controlling any DMX or Video LED fixture in the market today. This simplicity also reduces costs, by eliminating excess hardware, cables and accessories which leaves you in a win win situation! Contact us today, make it easy on yourself and experience the One Solution!
An all-encompassing control solution that eliminates the need for separate and individual proprietary controls per fixture manufacturer. Our control solution package can integrate with Strand dimming control systems or any other dimming control system. The flexibility of the e:cue system allows specifiers to simply select the fixture that best achieves the results that they seek.
By selecting e:cue; we eliminate duplicate control solutions. At the construction phase, cost savings are generated by the electrical contractor because they have an easier system to install. They no longer have to become experts on multiple proprietary control systems; they simply install one system and they are done. The end user realizes our cost savings by having one system to learn, one system to service and working with one company to achieve it.
Simplicity is secured when a specifier selects the best fixture for the job, when the electrical contractor installs it in record time and when the client is happy with the results. One Solution's experience allows us to know what works and what doesn't. When a complex opportunity comes our way; we relish the idea of making it simple with e:cue technology.