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One Solution debuts at Lightshow/West 2007
Where: Los Angeles Convention Center
When: October 24-25, 2007
Philips/Color Kinetics, leader of the engineering evolution for LEDs, spoke with John Ortiz, President of One Solution Light + Control, and liked where the One Solution idea was heading. As a result, One Solution became an official dealer of one of the world's award-winning LED product lines.

As for LightShow West, this year was a bigger and better event at the Los Angeles Convention Center. One Solution unveiled a 10' x 20' booth and opted to use a square truss system from one of the manufacturers they deal with - Global Truss. One Solution's focus for the show was to display their control system, manufactured by e:cue and showcase to the design community that the system can virtually control every DMX LED fixture on the market. To aid in the explanation of the system, digital demonstrations on a large television and an interactive touch-screen monitor were located toward the middle of the booth to give everyone a clear view of the flexibility of the system. Control consultant, Kurt Kroh and One Solution's LED Programmer, Jorge Sandoval, explained in detail the process and advantages of the system.

Displayed on the tops and walls of the booth were products from Color Kinetics, Traxon, ColorGlo, LEDWorks, NSI, Optiled and Neo-Neon. These manufacturers represent a small amount of DMX LED fixtures the One Solution system can control. As their first show to attend, anyone can say that it was a great success.
LightShow/West 2007 LightShow/West 2007 LightShow/West 2007 LightShow/West 2007 LightShow/West 2007 LightShow/West 2007
LightShow/West 2007 LightShow/West 2007
LightShow/West 2007
Some lighting specifiers read about the Cove Lighting displays
LightShow/West 2007
View of the right side shows Versaflex by LEDWorks , DMX LED Neon Tube by Neo-Neon, a TV and monitor screen
LightShow/West 2007
View of the left side shows LEDWorks' Cove Lighting display, Neo-Neon's DMX LED Neon Tube to the right and Traxon's Board 16 SMD RGB (16PXL) above
LightShow/West 2007
One Solution's former LED Programmer, Jorge Sandoval, takes a photo with the interactive touch screen monitor
LightShow/West 2007
Controller Consultant Kurt Kroh
LightShow/West 2007
Close-up view of a control system by e:cue Lighting Control
LightShow/West 2007
Close-up view of Color Kinetics' iColor Flex SLX which wrapped around the entire booth
LightShow/West 2007
Close-up view of LEDWorks' One Color Max and ColorGlo's RGB Strip Fixtures in a variety of colors